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MINI Award


Our MINI Award is a small-sized trophy (9 x 7 cm), but with a solid design that embodies all the values you want to convey.

With a sober and minimalist finish, it is made from recyclable materials and processes with minimal environmental impact.

  • White
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Silver
Personalised engraving
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Individual packaging
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Our MINI Award is designed to combine the iconic elegance of the medal with the sobriety of the commemorative plaque.

Through a revision of our MINI Award, we have created a unique object with which you can add an eco-design touch to your award ceremony.

This small trophy has rounded lines and simple but very effective finishes, making it perfect for conveying environmental commitment while supporting sustainable development, and recognizing the fundamental values you wish to promote through your event.

Like all products in our range, it is made from reusable materials using processes with a low environmental impact to align with the current climate crisis.

Additionally, this MINI Award has a large portion of its surface specifically intended for customization with an engraving of your choice. You can also find it with finishes in white, gold, silver, and bronze to create fully personalized awards.

Add distinction and commitment to your event with the eco-design of Sustain Awards!


Designed by Oiko.


Customized engraving of your logo and text available. If you choose this option, our design team will contact you to help design a trophy that fits your event.


See the eco-labels.

9 cm
7 cm
120 g
Engraving area / customization
7 x 7 cm