award plaque
award plaque
award plaque
award plaque
award plaque
award plaque
award plaque
award plaque
award plaque
award plaque

A4 Award Plaque


A4 Award Plaque, perfect for sustainable awarding.

With a sober design, it features an engraving area of 275 x 200 mm and is available in gray or brown finishes.

  • Grey
  • Brown
Personalised engraving
  • I want to personalize my trophy
Individual packaging
  • I want individual packaging for my trophies


An award plaque is the ideal choice if we want to give our message greater concreteness and ensure it endures over time. By engraving a text, date, or motif, we can personalize this award much more precisely and in detail.

Among our proposals, the A4 Award Plaque stands out as the largest and therefore with the largest customizable surface.

Among the services we offer for customizing your award, we highlight engraving, color engraving, and graphic design.

With a robust and elegant finish, our engraved A4 plaque will be the perfect choice to add a text or quote to your award that evokes the values you want to recognize at your event (we offer some tips for crafting that text here).

The plaque engraving service we offer at Sustain Awards will always strive to faithfully capture your idea, reflecting the values of your brand or event.

We also bring all our experience in designing and manufacturing trophies to find the perfect typography or font size, emphasizing your message while maintaining harmony with the shapes of the award.


Designed by Oiko.


Award plaque engraving service available. If you choose this option, our design team will contact you to help design an award that matches your event.


See the eco-label.

21,2 cm
29,6 cm
1 cm
870 g
Recycled post-consumer plastic + Water-based paint + Fe-plate
CO2 saving
KG CO2 equivalent
1.2 Kg
Recycled fraction
Short description
Large engraved award plaque
Engraving area / customization
275 x 200 mm