Tennis Trophies

Tennis Trophies


Tennis trophies ideal for your competition.

Ecodesign, minimalism, and avant-garde come together to create the trophies of Sustain Awards.

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At Sustain Awards, we offer a beautiful selection of awards so that your competition can reward players with the quality they deserve. Recognition that equals commitment and excellence in the world of sports, with meticulous designs crafted from recycled materials.

This way, you can add all the details to the awards that you need. We make it possible to convey the graphic identity you want, such as the competition emblem, the club logo, or any other visual aspect you want to emphasize.

Furthermore, thanks to their minimalist design, our trophies have a restrained and elegant aesthetic, perfect for any type of competition. Companies, organizations, and internationally recognized tournaments choose our trophies for their careful design and environmentally friendly production process.

Did you know that most sports trophies are highly polluting in their production? Don't you think there is another way to appreciate sports achievements?

In our work, we are conscious of environmental respect, knowing that there is an alternative way to produce quality products sustainably.

Therefore, we display the details of our environmental study on each datasheet of our awards. A detailed analysis reflecting the carbon footprint on our planet at every stage of the prize manufacturing process, until it reaches our customers.

The document also specifies the materials from which each tennis trophy is made. An act of transparency that emphasizes our commitment to quality manufacturing, respecting our environment—a responsibility that concerns us all given the current context of climate urgency in a world of finite resources.

Add sustainability to your event with Sustain Awards!