Sailing Trophies

Sailing Trophies


Elegant sailing trophies to reward the participants of your sailing competition.

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Don't miss the opportunity to reward the participants in your sailing competitions with the elegance of our sailing trophies, rewards that match the talent of the winners.

Sailing trophies are much more than just prizes; they are symbols of success and determination. Every winner deserves recognition as exceptional as a sailing trophy, a tribute to their passion and talent in the world of sailing.

Our sailing trophies, true works of art, are fully customizable. We offer the possibility to add your competition's logo, engrave custom texts, and much more, to create unique and memorable trophies.

It's important to note that traditional trophy production is often polluting. With us, every sailing trophy is made from recycled materials, respecting the environment.

Each trophy proudly carries the ecological ethics of Sustain Awards. On each trophy, you'll find details about the materials used, as well as the avoided CO2 emissions thanks to our responsible choices.

If you want to customize a sailing trophy for your competition, we have the solution. Discover the model that suits you in our extensive collection and contact us.

We will gladly personalize your exclusive sailing trophy, specially made for you to make your event even more memorable and meaningful.