Fencing Trophies

Fencing Trophies


The perfect fencing trophy to showcase your environmental commitment, where simplicity and elegance come together, just like in this refined and eco-friendly sport.

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Looking for fencing trophies for your tournament? At Sustain Awards, we design custom fencing trophies with recycled materials and environmentally friendly methods.

Opt for the understated and elegant aesthetics of our trophies, personalized with your logo or engraved text.

Our range offers a variety of ideal rewards, whether it's cups, medals, or personalized trophies. Fencing, the most elegant sport par excellence, deserves trophies that match its sophistication.

Our trophies reflect the refined technique and harmony of this sport, symbolizing the strength, balance, and elegance of each competition.

The fencing trophies from Sustain Awards embody the classic and timeless values of this sport and add a touch of environmental consciousness. Each prize awarded during your fencing competition becomes so much more than just a reward: it embodies dedication, precision, and grace, characteristic of fencing, while emphasizing your commitment to sustainability and ecology.

Choose trophies that elegantly represent your tournament and show respect for the planet.