Graphic design service

Graphic design service


Hire our graphic design service and let us help you create the perfect design and layout to make the most of your trophy.

In this service we offer you 2 hours of work from the Oiko Design Office team to develop the perfect graphic identity for your award.


With our graphic design service your idea will be reflected in a professional way and under the most demanding standards by our Oiko Design team. We will offer you a comprehensive and decisive service to resolve any possible conflicts that may have arisen in the graphic conception of your idea.

Our team will work to reflect your idea in the most harmonious and optimised way in the trophy, creating unique objects that transmit the strength and values of your brand or event.

Through this service we carry out the following tasks:

-Image processing.

-Vectorisation and tracing of logos.

-Selection and development of typefaces.

-Search for optimal visual solutions.

-Maquetacón of the personalisation of your trophies.

-Consultancy and development of the Visual Identity of the trophy.

Let our experience be at your service to create the ideal award for your awards ceremony.